Current stock market and implications for investing
Topic: Current stock market and implications for investing
Each person submits a three-five page paper (with extra exhibits) summarizing their topic .The paper should be structured as follows:
Overview of current state of the stock market – include your thoughts as to whether you feel it is overvalued or not, and if you feel it will drop soon and why.
Given this, what do you recommend from an investing standpoint – stocks, bonds, a combination, which stocks or industries? Why? Which bonds? (if recommending them and why)
Write as if I am your client and you manage my investments ($2 million) and you are updating me on market and making recommendations.
Professionally written, single spaced, organized as: introduction, current market conditions, implications, recommendations
2.Industry description (can be brief and could possibly be in the Overview section instead of a section of its own)
3.Summary of Ratio Analysis (put relevant ratio analysis details in exhibit)
4.Conclusion (good (or poor) potential investment because…. Or what the company should be doing differently, etc.)
5.Exhibits – Ratio analysis, common size statement for the company you are analyzing.Also industry averages (or comparable firm results if you are using that instead of industry averages.
All papers must be professionally formatted and written.(single spaced, 12 pt font, using headings and organized well)
Write the papers as if I am a client and you were hired to do a complete analysis on the firm and report back.