Demonstrating how a cybersecurity tool that was not covered in class can accomplish a specific goal.
Guidelines for BootCon Presentations

A bootCon presentation is NOT a research paper.
While research will be required, all presentations must be tangible and demonstrable.
A demonstration can either be conducted in person or in a prerecorded video that accompanies the presentation if a live demonstration isn’t practicable.

All bootCon presentations should fall into one of the following three categories:

Exploiting a vulnerability of an IoT device.
For example, hacking your personal Blu-ray player.
Developing code or program that can complete a cybersecurity task.
For example, developing a Python script that can automate an Nmap scan.
Demonstrating how a cybersecurity tool that was not covered in class can accomplish a specific goal.
For example, demonstrating using Mimikatz to dump passwords from a Kerberos ticket.

Rules & Requirements

You must submit a project summary to your instructor for approval before proceeding with your project. The project summary should include:
Title and topic of your presentation
End goal or vulnerability being exploited
Devices and/or technologies that will be used to accomplish the goal
Summary of how the devices and/or technologies will be used to accomplish the goal


You must perform all hacks and tests in simulated environments.
You must complete any network connections in your home and/or controlled environment.
You may only perform IoT hacks on devices you own.

Presentations must have a goal whose achievement you can demonstrate.
For example:
Goal: Cracking WEP wireless traffic from your home router
Demonstration: Demonstrating how you captured and cracked your wireless traffic
You can either conduct your demonstration live or record it and present it while you walk through what took place.

You must submit your presentation in the form of a Google Slides deck that, at a minimum, includes the following:
Cover slide: Presentation title and team member(s) presenting
Technical background:
Explanation of why you selected the topic
Networking, cryptograhic, or security concepts applied
Research steps taken
Demonstration preview: Preview of the steps that you’ll take in the upcoming demonstration.
Demonstration: A live or recorded demonstration is conducted here.
Demonstration summary: Summary of the demonstration that you just conducted and any impact it may have.
Mitigation: Recommendations for mitigating against the attack that you just conducted. If your presentation isn’t about an attack, this is not required.

Your total presentation time should be between 7 and 10 minutes.