Discuss Advance practice nurse regulations between the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
A brief overview of the paper- What will you discuss in this paper? Relevant factors could be the history of the APN role, APN allows for more care, etc. Purpose of the paper/assignment- Why are you writing this paper?
Background of your assigned state for an APN compared to New Jersey as an APN (how did it come to be? )
Advanced Practice Nurse Requirements
Discuss board certification comparing the two states (what is required to sit for the certification exam? Education courses, clinical hours, etc.
Discuss requirements for renewal for APN license and certification
Discuss/analyze the collaborative agreements in both states
Discuss/analyze the prescriptive authority in both states
State Differences in Practice
Analyze restrictions for APRNs between the two states (such as practice independent, dependent, prescriptive authority, etc.)
Analyze hospital privileges and how it works in each state for an APN (what does an APN have to do to get privileges at the hospital? Can APNs get privileges at a hospital?
Analyze the nursing compact for both states for an APN, not an RN
Analyze Palliative/end-of-life care for both states for an APN- What can APNs do in this clinical setting? Medications, pronouncing death, DNR, etc.)
Summary of the key points and highlights of the paper. THis is not a repetition of what you have discussed. What did you learn from this for your future practice?
Minimum of three primary resources (within 5 years or less). Do not use nursing blogs.
one reference should include the book for this class which is : Tracy, M.F., & O’Grady, E.T. (2023) Hamric and Hanson’s Advanced practice nursing; An integrative approach, (7th edition). St. Louis, MO, Elsevier.
I would recommend starting by googling the state board of nursing for both states which can be used as a primary source. I know that some of the references from those sites might be outdated. I need two additional resources (the textbook and an article.)

the reference page should be separete, and everything must follow APA 7th edition, and the plagiarizm should be 0%.

here is the rubric as well

Introduction: Brief overview of the paper topic, relevant factors are introduced, and the purpose of the paper assignment is clearly stated.
Provide background information for the assigned state in comparison with New Jersey
Discuss board certifications and renewal, analyze collaborative agreements and prescriptive authority
Analyze restrictions for APRN, hospital privileges, nursing compact, and palliative end-of-life care
Conclusion and summary of key points included in the paper
Efficacy of writing style, spelling, grammar, and correct use of APA 7th edition with citations. The paper is no longer than 10 pages, excluding the title/reference page excluded.
Valid and relevant references (APA 7th edition format) with at least 3 primary sources 5 years or less, other than your book.

thank you !