Discuss the competition within an industry
Cover page
Discuss the competition within the industry (4-6 pages)
Who are the main players? How intense is the rivalry? How attractive is the industry? What factors are critical to competing successfully in the industry? Porter’s Model of Competition must be used in this section.
Identify and describe the organization’s current strategy to compete. Describe if and how the strategy is or is not working (2-4 pages)
Describe how that strategy relates to the organization’s vision and defined objectives (1-2 pages)
Create a SWOT analysis (22 components for each quadrant = 100%; 14 components = 80%; 10 components = 70%; 4 components = 60%)
Analyze each component of the SWOT analysis (12-17 pages)
Identify and describe the ultimate threat to the company (0.5-1 pages)

Below you will find the information and portion I have already done. However the above is to add to this at a later date.