Explain a policy issue involving the United States and Ecuador
This paper will consist of research on the relations between the U.S. and a Latin American country or
a specific policy issue involving the United States and Latin American countries. Make sure to answer these questions for every country: so two pages for: U.S and Venezuela, 2 pages for U.S and Ecuador, 2 pages for U.S. and Bolivia, 2 pages for U.S and Nicaragua, and 2 pages for U.S. and Argentina)
1. The most important issues or problems in the relationship between the two countries (U.S and Venezuela, U.S and Ecuador, U.S. and Bolivia, U.S and Nicaragua, and U.S. and Argentina)
2. What specific policy arrangements exist between the U.S. and that Latin American country involving
those issues (treaties, agreements, negotiated understandings, etc.);
3. Your own assessment of US policies regarding that country (whether you agree with U.S. policies,
what policies should the US be following, etc.);
4. Where you see the US relationship with that country headed over the next decade given present trends
Make sure to answer these queations for the policy:
a. Define the policy or issue problem;
b. Delineate how the U.S. perceives its interests and how Latin Americans view their interests on that
c. What policy instruments (economic, political, diplomatic, socio/cultural) and what courses of action
have been taken by each country regarding that issue? What U.S. government departments are in charge
of this policy arena and what internal problems are they confronting in carrying out U.S. policy?
d. What consequences have followed the actions of the U.S. and of the Latin American country in this
policy arena?
e. For the United States, what policy recommendations do you have regarding the issue? (This is the
analytical part and it is very important in showing how well you understand the issue.)