Explain the requirements for reporting and auditing a budget for accuracy
As an administrative officer in criminal justice, you will be required to understand the accounting of all costs associated with operations in your organization. In this assessment, you will demonstrate what you have learned about budget reporting processes.

Review the agency budget you analyzed in Weeks 1 and 2.

Assessment Deliverable:
Create a 1,000-word report in which you explain the agency’s procedures for reviewing and reporting its budget.

Imagine the report will be submitted to legislators and criminal justice lobbyists, who will use it to create talking points when speaking on behalf of the organization.

Include the following headings and topics in the report:

Requirements and Value of Budget Reporting and Auditing
Explain the requirements for reporting and auditing a budget for accuracy.
Explain the value of accurate reporting and auditing processes in budget management.

Budget Accounting and Reporting
Briefly summarize the organization you selected. If relevant, include details about the organization’s goals and/or mission.
Briefly summarize 2–3 accounting and reporting procedures the organization uses to ensure the budgeting strategies are effective and transparent.
Consider these guiding questions:
How often is the budget report created? Where and how is the budget reported?
Is the budget audited or evaluated internally and/or externally? If so, by whom and how often?
How does the organization incorporate reporting of previous years’ revenue and expenses?
How does the organization ensure transparency in the budget development, accounting, and reporting processes?
How are the proposed budgetary expenses aligned with the organization’s desired outcomes? Can the outcomes be measured by reviewing the budget reports? Why or why not?

Budget Stakeholders and Agency Partners
Explain how the organization demonstrates accountability to its constituents.
Consider these guiding questions:
How does the organization justify the budget and its outcomes to its constituents (citizens, employees, other criminal justice agencies, etc.)?
Can the organization’s constituents or stakeholders participate in developing or reviewing the budget? Why or why not?

Cite at least 1 scholarly source in addition to the textbook.