Feminist literary analysis whereby you explain whether there Is a woman with a leading role?
You can pick any novel to analyze, so long as you keep in mind your analysis will be a 1000 – 1500 word feminist analysis 🙂

Feminist literary analysis involves a focus on gender affiliation – so how men look at something and how women see something, or how women are portrayed and how men are portrayed in literature. What is examined are, usually, patriarchal structures that either directly offend women or make it difficult for women precisely because they are women. A subcategory to this type of analysis are queer theories that also weave in LGBTQ, sexuality and ethnicity.

You can use the following questions as an outline to gain a feminist perspective when analyzing. REMEMBER that your analysis must be continuous, as in you do not go question by question with headings. Also keep in mind that not all questions can be applied to all works, use only those that fit :

1- How are the women portrayed in the story?
2- What qualities are emphasized in the women?
3- Are women envied in the story?
4- Are women violated in the story?
5- Is it harder for women in the story, precisely because they are women?
6- How are the men described in the story?
7- What qualities are emphasized in the men?
8- Is there a woman with a leading role? Or supporting role?
9- What role is she assigned? and what role does she take?
10- What position does she have in relation to the man? What is the woman’s social and economic position?
11- How is the relationship between woman and man described?
12- Does the story have at least two (named) female characters who talk to each other?
13- If these two (named) female characters talk to each other, are they talking about anything other than men?
14- Does the story express any classic patriarchal structures? Which in that case?
15- Draw conclusions. Is the story approved from a feminist perspective? Motivate your answer.

Keep in mind that the person reading your analysis may not have read the novel you are analyzing. Therefore, be clear about the outline of the text and clarify your thoughts by giving examples and quoting from the novel.