Finance Research Project
First, review the current literature on “Factors affecting banks’ dividend policy decisions in Bahrain Bourse You are expected to:
Describe the relevant theories.
Elaborate on results of previous studies, their methodology and
Identify the major challenges/limitations to be addressed in the future.
Your review should cite at least 10 peer-reviewed articles.
Second, choose at least 5 GCC public listed financial companies and download their financial statement of the last 3 available years.
Analyze their dividend payments with the use of graphs/charts.
Based on prior literature, identify the main factors of dividend policies of these
financial companies
Provide a descriptive statistic for all the variables.
Using a correlation matrix, indicate the main determinants of dividend policy for the chosen companies.
Using regression analysis, find the relationship between dividend policies and the factors (bank size, profitability, capital adequacy, credit risk and bank age etc).
Format of the Research Project
Review of literature:
Empirical studies
Research Findings & Discussion.
References (APA Referencing style).
Include Tables, figures, diagrams, charts etc. where ever necessary.