How has the Radio and the internet impacted the American Culture since 1970?
American mass media and culture are deeply intertwined, and it is hard to imagine an aspect of American culture that is not influenced by mass media. Spirituality, politics, and even our language are influenced by media. In this assignment, you will investigate how 2 different types of media have impacted American culture.

Choose 2 types of media from the following list:
Write a 600- to 900-word paper that examines the impact that the 2 types of media you selected have had on American culture since 1970.
Include the following in your paper:
Describe how the 2 types of media have influenced American culture since 1970.
Identify at least 2 important examples of each media type in your response. For example, if you selected TV and movies, you could identify specific TV shows or movies in your response.

Cite sources to support your paper.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.