Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal”
This assignment again involves what might be called weighted comparison. For this paper, identify and address an issue raised for you by a specific element in Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” by situating it within one of the contexts we have been discussing in Unit 3 (the author’s revisions; other works by the same author; the historical/cultural worlds of the work’s reception as well as production; published interpretations of the work; adaptations of the work; and earlier texts that the author has adapted).
By “element” I mean a passage, a scene, a plot development, a character, an image, a theme, an authorial decision, etc. By “issue” I mean a question that readers of the text might answer in different ways. You are to deal with the “context” by representing it through one or two additional works. Choices: Washington’s “Atlanta Exposition Address (The Atlanta Compromise)” or Du Bois’ “Of Mr. Booker T. Washington” or Myrdal’s “Social Equality”
Your main claim, which you should indicate at or quite near the beginning of your essay, is your answer to the question you are raising. Your essay should then proceed to develop your answer in a well-detailed, well-organized fashion. Keep in mind that you are bringing in the one or two works representing your “context” because doing so enables you to address the “issue” raised for you by “Battle Royal.” Overall, the essay is to be clearly more concerned with “Battle Royal.” Indeed, you can and should devote as much as 80% of the paper to “Battle Royal.”