The positive aspects of social media
What specifically am I required to do? And by when? For this last essay, you will write a 1800-2000 word, thesis-driven argument essay about a topic related to technology (roughly 7-8 pages). Your essay must include a minimum of 6 quality outside sources, correctly cited using MLA citation guidelines.
★ Your final essay is due in Week 15: by 11:59 in Canvas on Sunday, May 14 ★
Here’s more information about the essay’s research requirement:
6 quality quality sources required:
4 of your sources must come from MPC databases.
1 of your sources must be a reputable website.
1 source is your choice.

Here’s some information about your essay’s audience: When writing an argument, who your intended audience is has a huge effect on the writing process: The tone you establish, the words you choose, the kinds of evidence you select to support your ideas, and the analysis you present can influence your audience to trust you and be persuaded by your ideas. For this assignment, you must choose who your intended audience will be. Think about your topic and specific purpose, who are you really trying to persuade in this essay? Then, think of your essay as presenting your side of a conversation with someone who may be on the fence or slightly against your position. What must you discuss in your supporting paragraphs that would persuade this particular audience?

Here’s some information about the importance in this essay of acknowledging opposing viewpoints: Because you are trying to convince your audience of your position on the issue, you must anticipate what questions your audience is likely to ask or concerns they may raise while reading your essay. A good way to do this is to take into account well-known and significant opposing arguments. By addressing these opposing positions, you are telling your reader that you know of these positions, you have considered them, but you have decided to take your position. In other words, grant the validity of opposing arguments by presenting them clearly; then, refute them (argue against them), but respect your reader’s intelligence by addressing the objections to your position on the issue and any other questions your reader may have about your thesis idea, your support ideas, or your evidence and analysis.

Here are some possible topics to consider: These are topics that previous students have chosen to write about. You can choose any topic related to digital technology and are not limited to those below:
Cyberbullying (the problem and possible solutions)
Social media addiction
Social media’s negative impact on mental health
The positive aspects of social media
Benefits of video gaming
The negative effects of smartphones on society
Argument against using social media posts to vet potential employees
Echo chambers and the problem with internet search algorithms