What steps does the social worker use to complete their psychosocial assessment?
Enterviewee: Karen Alvaradi
SOcisl work job: Adobe Services
Based on your interview, you will write a 3-5 page paper double-spaced reflection paper. Your reflection paper should include all of the following.
• Why you chose to interview the social worker you selected?
• What is the Mission of the Organization?
• What is the funding source for the social worker’s position?
• Are there challenges the social worker faces, and how are they handling those situations?
• What steps does the social worker use to complete their psychosocial assessment?
• Is there something you would prioritize as needing to change if you worked at the agency you selected?
• Would you like to work in the agency where you conducted your interview, and if not, explain why?
• Describe what was the most helpful “takeaway” you experienced during your interview?
You can develop a list of questions for your interview. Included are some suggested questions.
wanted to work for CPS, but later when she got her minor in criminal justice, she wanted to go into law and politics. Still, right now, she is working with older adults but is thinking about returning to children again.
Describe a typical day as a social worker? Clinical or regular supervision. In the afternoon, she has to do paperwork and housing support plans. I am checking emails, voicemails, and messages.
What do you enjoy most about your work as a social worker? She enjoys helping people obtain the resources people need to learn about.
It’s overwhelming because she has to research housing if someone loses their home. So, she takes more time out of her over-piling work. If you could change something, what would it be?
Why did you decide on social work? In community college, her counselor helped her get into social work because she gave her the info which made her fall in love with this career.
Where did you complete your field internship? She did both of her internships with the foster agency she worked for. She got approved to shadow some of the others and learn new things she needed to know how at that job.
What is your education & training? She got her B.A. in Social work with a minor in Criminal Justice; later, she went to Campella University for her master’s.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? She is not sure, but she knows that she wants to return to working with kids, but she needs to know whether to work in schools or hospitals, and for ten years, she wants to know already her decisions in which capacity she wants to work in.