Women with postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)
Paper for the course project should be a 2-3 page APA
paper (not including the title page and the reference page) that describes the
clinical problem and the following:

Reason for choosing this topic
The PICOT question: Clinical Question – Formulated clinical
question using the PICOT format. Below is my Picot Question

In women with postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) immediately
post-birth (P), How does the
implementation of active and expectant management (I),
compared to systems-level
interventions (C), affect the identification of severe
hemorrhage and final health outcomes (O)
over 8 weeks (T).

Possible integration of the evidence that you
found in clinical practice.
Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation.
References Turn in in APA format. You must use
three (3) or more relevant sources; to ensure the readings are relevant and
current, the selected peer-reviewed article must have been written within the
past three (3) years. Below are my references feel free tyo add on or make change.

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