Analyze a real firm, business phenomenon, or issue and create a thought leadership piece for public consumption
>>>>THE TOPIC CHOSEN DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY<<<< Objective: The aim of this assignment is to apply the concepts learned in Part IV (Corporate Strategy) of the book "Contemporary Strategy Analysis" (Ninth Edition) by Robert M. Grant. Students are expected to analyze a real firm, business phenomenon, or issue and create a thought leadership piece for public consumption. Instructions: Choose a topic from Part IV of the textbook, which includes chapters 11-15. Select a specific concept or framework from this section to apply to a real-life firm, business phenomenon, or issue. Conduct research on the chosen firm, phenomenon, or issue to gather sufficient information for your analysis. Utilize credible sources such as company reports, news articles, academic journals, or industry reports to support your arguments. Identify the type of thought leadership format you will emulate for your project. Choose one of the following public-facing communication methods: op-eds, podcasts, public lectures/workshops, videos, blogs/essays, or policy document development. Provide real links or sources to existing examples of the chosen format to illustrate your intended approach. Create a thought leadership piece using the selected format. Ensure that your project is within the specified length guidelines: For audio or video content: 5-10 minutes. For text-based content: 1,000-2,000 words. Your thought leadership piece should include the following elements: Introduction: Briefly introduce the firm, phenomenon, or issue you will analyze and the concept from the textbook you will apply. Analysis: Apply the chosen concept from the textbook to analyze the firm, phenomenon, or issue. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the concept and its relevance to the chosen topic. Recommendations/Insights: Based on your analysis, provide actionable recommendations, insights, or conclusions that can benefit the firm or address the issue at hand. Aim to showcase your expertise in the subject matter and contribute to the larger conversation around the topic. Conclusion: Summarize your main points and the significance of your analysis. After completing your thought leadership piece, consider pitching it to relevant hosts, platforms, or media outlets for publication or presentation. While this is not a requirement, it is encouraged as a way to share your knowledge with a wider audience and showcase your ability to apply academic concepts to real-world situations. Submit your thought leadership project along with a brief reflection (250-300 words) on your experience creating the piece, including any challenges faced and lessons learned. Grading Criteria: Your assignment will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Demonstrated understanding of the chosen concept from the textbook Quality and depth of the analysis of the firm, phenomenon, or issue Relevance and feasibility of the recommendations or insights provided Clarity and coherence of the thought leadership piece Adherence to the chosen thought leadership format and specified length guidelines Quality of the reflection on the experience of creating the thought leadership piece