Crimes Against Children
The missions of the nationwide network of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces, the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Bureau and the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC) program is to counter threats of abuse and exploitation of children. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is an organization that provides support, information and training for the purpose of protecting minors.
Assume you work for a nonprofit organization that assists abused women and children by providing needed resources. You are aware of an ongoing community problem that involves human trafficking of women and children. You conduct research about ICAC, HSI, FBI, and NCMEC for information on combating these crimes.
You organize a community outreach program that can educate local citizens on how to identify and report suspicious human trafficking situations.
Create a 500-750 word document for the training session that includes the following:
An introduction that discusses the problems hindering the investigation and prosecution of women/child sex offenses in this country and foreign countries.
A summary of three of the most violent crimes against women/children you find through your research.
Recommendations for how the local community members can recognize, identify, and report suspicious human trafficking incidents in your community
Conduct research, find and include three (3) information sources that support the information in your outline.
Use in-text citations associated with references that include the URL hyperlink to your information sources.