Do the nurses, physicians, and staff who contracted COVID-19 at the Soldiers Home have grounds to sue?

According to Wasser (2020):
In 2016, the Massachusetts Legislature decided the Holyoke and Chelsea Soldiers’ Homes should be overseen by someone with at least five years of health care management experience, so lawmakers created a new position: an executive director of veterans’ homes and housing.
Four years later, that position remains unfilled. … [T]he coronavirus rages on, and the state-run veterans home in Holyoke experiences one of the deadliest outbreaks in the U.S. … The 2016 law was an attempt to ensure that someone with more medical management experience was overseeing the facilities. It arose after the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services asked the University of Massachusetts to write a report on veteran housing in the state.
Wasser, M. (2020). Mass. wanted someone with health care experience to oversee Soldiers’ Homes. It never happened. WBUR. Retrieved from

In a 2- to 3-page paper, discuss the following:
In light of the law that was passed and not observed, consider the following (explain your rational for each response):
Do the nurses, physicians, and staff who contracted COVID-19 at the Soldiers Home have grounds to sue?
Do the residents have grounds to sue?
Do the families of members who died (during the COVID-19 pandemic) have grounds to sue?
Whose responsibility was it to ensure that the position was filled? What repercussions should this person suffer, if any?
Identify at least 2 or 3 ethical or legal principles that apply. Explain their significance.
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