Educating a patient on how to use albuterol
Medication of choice- albuterol
must be 3-page paper on educating a patient on how to use albuterol. this paper will be targeted at a “pretend patient” who was recently diagnosed with asthma and must learn about medication, how to use, and side effects.
Here are more instructions from professor:
Accurately identifies demographic data, past health history. Medical diagnosis: identifies 2 priority nursing judgments
Includes medication, classification and most indications, recommended dosing guidelines, administration routes, side effects and contra indications included
Discusses 10 or more interventions for administration monitoring and effectiveness of medication
Develops a complete pertinent medication teaching plan including learning needs, educational goals, and learning outcomes
Meets the following criteria 100%: typed APA format, correct grammar, spelling; maximum 3 pages body of paper; minimum 3 references