Jurisdiction in Indian Country
please review attachment for topics covered

For this assignment you need to post a criminal hypothetical situation that involves topics we have gone over – do not make them too elaborate. The SECOND half of the assignment is to answer someone else’s scenario: (1)tell me who has jurisdiction, (2) what kind of jurisdiction it is, (3) what law(s) or cases apply, and (4) what the outcome will be for those involved. I have posted a scenario as an example.
This assignment is designed to help you with scenario essay questions on the exam.

Remember to use your jurisdiction chart and guideline General Guide to Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country.

And remember that *** Tribes can have jurisdiction for crimes under VAWA 2022 Title IX, when the tribe has opted into Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction (SDVCJ) – see ee “Currently Implementing Tribes” in Module 7.

[For purposes of our scenario DB assignment, please only use the PL 280 mandatory states if you choose to create a scenario involving PL 280]

When addressing these scenarios, think about these questions:

Was the crime on or off reservation?

Is this a Major Crime or a Special Domestic Violence crime?
Is this a Public Law 280 reservation?
Who is the perpetrator and who is the victim?

Who has jurisdiction?
Determine what laws and cases apply and why?
AND what will the legal outcome likely be?