Kinesiology career paths
1) Choose three kinesiology career paths of interest to you
2) Describe in great detail each career path, education needed, job opportunities, why you are interested in that career, etc.
3) In other words, read, summarize, critically analyze your chosen career paths
4) Write a 5-7 page paper (the title page and work cited page do not count as one of the 5-7 pages)
5) Format typed, double spaced, and saved in either word.doc, word.docx, rich text format (rtf), or pdf (no other formats will be accepted)
6) Works Cited and In-text referencing is MANDATORY APA, MLA or Chicago style referencing accepted (but you MUST reference your sources in-text and in bib) use noodles tools to create your work cited. Get an access account from the CCC library.
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