Social discrimination and oppression
In your essay you will show your understanding of the concept “sociological imagination” by applying it to an issue of sociological importance. Here are some examples to consider (you do not have to choose from this list:
Social inequality (poverty, wealth-gap, etc)
Social discrimination and oppression (race, class, gender, etc.)
Political/social movements
You will offer a reflection on the issue chosen BUT, your reflection must demonstrate sociological understanding (sociological imagination) over taken-for-granted assumptions. Your objective is to show how the issue discussed is connected to socio-economic systems/patterns. In doing so, you will demonstrate your understanding of the concept “sociological imagination”. You can offer an explanation of the concept “sociological imagination” and an overview of how you will apply it to your topic.
You will also reflect on how this course, and the development of your own sociological imagination, has helped you to understand the issue discussed and how it has challenged or confirmed your original view of the issue.