The limitations of Epilepsy in Children
Part A – Essay
1. Introduction (one paragraph)
– Introduce your topic, explain its importance and identify the particular aspect that your essay will address. (LO1)
– Clarify key terms if needed. (LO4)
– Outline the structure of your essay. (LO4)
2. Body of your essay (two paragraphs)
– In each paragraph state one main point important to your enquiry question. (L02)
– Provide examples and explanations from the articles you have read addressing this main point (LO2)
– Any examples must be supported by use of in-text citations or if using a quotation that this is appropriately acknowledged. (LO4)
– A final sentence reconnecting the reader back to the main point relevant to the enquiry question. (LO2)
3. Conclusion (one paragraph)
– Provides a summary of the main points discussed in the paragraphs that made up the body of your writing. (LO2)
– Provides an overall conclusion statement identifying further areas that may need to be explored. (LO1)
4. Referencing
– All sources of information must be acknowledged using in-text citations and a reference list needs to be provided at the end of your assignment that identifies all articles referred to within your assignment. This needs to be formatted according to APA7th guidelines. (LO4)