What is Progeria?
Girl with Progeria- Extra Credit for 15 Points.

Watch the video in this week’s module-Girl with Progeria to gather responses to the five questions below.

Note: Extra credit is optional and will not affect your grade in a negative way if you do not do it.

Answer the following questions in at least three sentences (each sentence worth 1 point for a total of 3 points per question):

1. What is Progeria? Define it. (3 points)

2. Tell me about the girl with Progeria and her parents. (3 points)

3. What is positive in this girl’s and family’s life? (3 points)

4. What is hard in this girl’s and family’s life? (3 points)

5. What is the life expectancy for a person with progeria (how long will they live)? and how does the family handle life expectancy? (3 points)

you could find the video on youtube