What is the musical style of rappers
Your paper must be about rap music, but it can be about rap music from any era or place, not limited to what we covered in class. However, your paper should demonstrate your ability to apply what we learned in class about rap music and history to your particular topic.
At least 2,500 words
Written in complete sentences and paragraphs with a clear sense of organization
Your own thesis statement, opinion, or interpretation should drive the paper – don’t just report on your research
Use and analyze rap songs as examples in your paper
If your paper is on something we covered in class, be sure to go beyond what we learned about it in class.
At least five sources, two of which must be scholarly sources. Do not just use the assigned readings from class. The non-scholarly sources can be journalistic articles and books, interviews, and “field work” (i.e., anthropological observation). Definitely use the Lehman library search engine to find sources, not just Google.
A properly formatted bibliography at the end of your paper, in the bibliographical style you are most comfortable with.
In addition to the bibliography at the end, cite your sources within the paper using whatever citation style you are most comfortable with.

Pick a rap artist (a DJ, producer, rapper, or rap group) and write a paper that addresses:
What is their musical style?
How do they fit within rap history? (Do they fit into a particular subgenre or era? How did they affect rap music?)
What messages and meanings are in their music?
What was the response to their music (from the media, fans, government, haters, etc.)? What controversies did their music generate?
How is their personal biography relevant to their music?
If picking this topic, don’t write a “fan bio.”

Please use NWA rap group.