A map used in the Atlas for peer review
In preparation for our in-class peer review on Monday, May 22nd, please submit a map that you intend to use in your Atlas for peer review. Ideally this would be a totally new map from your first map, but if you made significant changes to your first map and think you could be best served by getting feedback on it again, you can submit that.
Like with your first peer review, your map can be any style and you are welcome to have used any technology to make it. Your map should include a title and it should be clear and informative. Additionally, please write a short 3-4 sentence paragraph that addresses each of the questions below:
1. What is the map of?
2. How does this map fit into the context of your broader argument (be sure to tell us what the argument/hypothesis/question is)?
3. What questions do you have for your peer reviewers (was there anything you were debating about, struggling with, etc.)?
Please post both your short paragraph along with your map either embedded (preferred) or in a document that you attach. Be sure that your map is in an accessible format (not a GIS or R file, but an exported image of the map product).