Analyze the film “Outsourced”

For the essay, you are to analyze the film “Outsourced” (see links above) Your analysis for the paper should addresses the following questions:
1.Describe the context in which the action takes place. Which elements of the film give information about the context? How does the context affect communication patterns between the characters?
2. Describe different social and cultural identities that emerge in the course of the film. How are these identities constructed? How can the communication perspectivehelp in understanding the identities of the characters? What is the relationship between identity and context? Do identities and associated issues change for particular characters over the course of the film? What influences these changes?
3. How does history affect the standpoints of the characters? What do you learn about perceptions of history from the film? What is the relationship between history and the identity issues of the main characters?
4. What can you say about communication styles and language use in the film? What did language reveal about particular characters? What social structures affect the use of language?
5. Analyze the use of nonverbal and spatial codes that are present in the film. How do characters use these codes? How is space constructed? Identify the elements that reveal these elements.
6. What cultural and social issues of power, hierarchy, and political concerns are present in the film? Whose perspectives are considered? Why are those used and not others?

The paper is a short analysis and/or application of course concepts. It should be about three to four full pages in length (12-point font size, standard margins in APA Style)