Purpose: In this project you will use a framework/library and implement a working demonstration of it as a website, web app, etc.
Requirements: To complete this project you will turn in a Presentation (slides in.pdf format), the actual Project (repo to code), and a link to where your project is being hosted. You may use lecture slides, past hws/projects, and framework/library tutorials for sample code but make sure to make it your own.
The purpose of this project is to make sure you have an understanding of using available frameworks/libraries with the (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) skills you learned to implement a working site, app, etc.
Examples include but are not limited to : Semantic, Sass, svg, phasor.io, d3, ember.js, node.js, Meteor, React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.
Main sections:
What is the framework/library?
Overview of framework/library
List all Technologies used
Motivation – Reasons to use framework/library
How does it work? Be able to explain key functionality to someone unfamiliar with the framework/library. (live code explanation)
Links to documentation, starter code, tutorials,
Provide a “hello world” example for the class to interact with
Lessons learned
Alternative libraries/frameworks
Pros/Cons VS your libraries/frameworks
What I will be grading on:

Implementation of all the functionality from your proposal. HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript has proper formatting and comments where appropriate. Web page/app renders properly in Chrome