Find an online source that is promoting a conspiracy theory.
Your task: Find an online source that is promoting a conspiracy theory. This source can be a YouTube video, YouTuber, tiktok video, tiktoker, reddit post, blog, etc. Respond to the conspiracy theory that this source is promoting. Is the source’s information believable? Is the source’s information not believable? Somewhere in between? Why? Evaluate the source’s in a well-written and well-reasoned essay.
Due Date:
□ Final Draft: M 11/15 by 8:00 PM
Final Paper Requirements:
4-6 page typed, double-spaced research paper with proper citations in MLA format
Works Cited Page in MLA format
Minimum 3 non-scholarly sources and 1 scholarly source
note: the online conspiracy source that you’re responding to counts as one of your non-scholarly sources
Paper Format
Introduction Paragraph (hook, background information about the conspiracy theory, and a thesis)
Thesis (mention the conspiracy outlet, the claim that it is making, and your opinion about the claim’s believability)
Background Paragraph (Information about the conspiracy theory)
2-3 response paragraphs (respond to the conspiracy theory’s claims, explain why they are believable or not).
2 counterargument paragraphs
the first paragraph will state the strongest claim that the conspiracy outlet is making. explain why this claim is credible/believable.
the second paragraph will respond to that claim
a conclusion paragraph (restate your thesis, summarize your argument, and end by giving your reader a recommendation on how they should respond to/view the conspiracy theory)