How have Caribbean immigrants shaped the social, cultural, and economic landscape of the United States?
2-3 pages introduction (thesis, main ideas)
▪ The thesis statement is the overall claim/argument for your paper. You
should have 2-3 main ideas (evidence) to corroborate your overall claim.
Explain how your evidence validates your claim.
o 2-3 pages historiography
▪ The historiography are the secondary sources you research that covers
your topic. Discuss how these works are vital to your research. What do
they provide, and what are these works missing.
o 1 page methodology
▪ Describe your research; what are you looking at; what journals, archives,
libraries, museums, etc. you are using to write your paper. What primary
resources are you looking at…
o 2-3 conclusion
▪ What have you learned from your research; what have you concluded
from the information you uncovered.
o 1-2 bibliography
– Paper should include at least fifteen (15) sources
o Five (5) primary sources
o Ten (10) secondary sources
– Citations (footnotes or endnotes) and bibliography must be in Chicago style format.
– Page numbers
– Double spaced
– Paragraphs indented
– Subheading