Issues that need to be solved in Amazon Company
You should identify THREE issues within an
organisation that needs to be resolved. You will need to review the literature
of your chosen areas and address each of the issues identified based on the
literature that you have got. Apply your understanding of organisational
behaviour theories, models and concepts reviewed in the literature (both in
class and during your personal study) to analyse the issues and offer recommendations.
Note: Each issue you identify should focus
on one of the following Levels:
1.Individual Level
2.Group level
3.Organisational Level

The essay written in a report format must include:
2500 words maximum. This is plus/minus 10 percent.
The structure should include the following.

A Title Page
An Executive Summary
Content table

Introduction (20%)
This includes a comprehensive introduction to the
organisation, the description of the issues to be analysed and why they are
considered relevant to be discussed. The methods, dominant theories, models and
concepts must be stated and key concepts and terms defined here. You must
include here an outline of the content of the report.

Main body (40%)
This section must clearly
address each of the THREE issues raised in your chosen organisation thoroughly
based on evidence that you have been able to get in the literature, reports and
examples from your experience. The analysis must have a theory and an empirical
evidence. Avoid speculations and unsubstantiated claims.

Conclusion and
recommendations (20%)
A summary or conclusion
must bring together the major points discussed in the main body of the report
and must reflect what you stated in the introduction. Ensure that the
conclusion does not introduce new ideas or arguments that have not been
previously discussed in the main body of the report. Conclude the report by
offering recommendations to managers.

Good structure,
organisation, and appropriate style (10%)
Written and presented to
a high level. Report format and Harvard referencing style are used and the
arguments and sections of the report are coherently linked together.

Harvard Referencing (10%)
Have you applied and used
correctly the Harvard referencing system in the body of your report as well as when
creating your bibliography / referencing page.