Managing conflict and consensus decision making

In this Week’s assigned readings and Intellipath, you learned about managing conflict and consensus decision making. For this assignment, complete the following:

Develop a strategy for a conflict resolution plan and the steps that would be taken to resolve.

Discuss methods you can use to reduce your project team’s stress. Consider how you will recognize it and deal with it.

Describe your approach to consensus decision making in your specific project.

Outline the process that will be used, from an initial decision to be made to the full decision implementation.

Discuss facilitation tools you will utilize to gain consensus.


The following are the overall project deliverables:

Create the following sections:

Project Conflict and Stress Identification Process

Create a conflict resolution plan.

Describe methods that you can employ to reduce stress.

Consensus Decision Making Process

Describe what your approach will be to consensus decision making.

Outline the process that would be used, from the initial decision that needs to be made to full decision implementation

Identify some of the facilitation tools that can be utilized to gain consensus