Mental Wealth and Applied Research in Business Management.
Section 1: Research topic, aim and objectives (1300 words)
Research topic clearly framed and presented
● Clear and consistent research aim and objectives
● The section provides relevant background
information and explains the rationale for
selecting the research topic
● The section is supported with relevant literature
and evidence
Maximum score20
Section 2: Literature review (2600 words)
● Outlines what the literature review will include
and/or leave out (scope).
● A good range of literature been used to discuss
relevant concepts, models and theories
● The sources used are up to date, and of sufficient
academic weight
● The literature review offers evidence of critical
evaluation of the material
● A good ability to synthesize that goes beyond just
presenting arguments and ideas from the source
material and demonstrates the ability to link these
theories together, combine them and indicate a
good level of understanding
The key themes and issues surrounding the
research topic are clearly drawn from the
● Summarise gap(s) in the literature and where the
proposed research will attempt to contribute
Maximum score35
Section 3: Research Methodology, Methods and ethical considerations (1600 words)
Clearly identifies the research methodology and
provides justification for the selection, on the
basis of relevant evidence and support from
outside sources and the nature of the research
● Clearly identifies research methods, data and data
sources and justifies the selection, using evidence
and support from outside sources
● Clearly identifies key ethical considerations
relevant to your proposed research, using
evidence and support from outside sources
Maximum score30
Section 4: Research Schedule/Plan (500 words)
● A clear and consistent plan of work
● Realistic milestones
● Relevant comments explaining the milestones
Maximum score5
Formatting and Referencing (list of references not included in word count)
High quality presentation of the material that conforms to
principles of academic writing and contains minimal
errors in sentence construction, grammar and
punctuation. The assignment followed appropriate
academic conventions regarding in-text citations and
Maximum score10