Parenting styles and its affects on children
As Psychology majors, you have a great deal of knowledge that other members of the public do not have. In this assignment, you will practice conveying specialized information in an understandable way. You will take a published scientific paper from the primary literature and rewrite it for the general public, such as the readers of the New York Times’ “Science Times” section. Thus, you will take a paper written for a specialized audience, and rewrite it so that an educated lay person will not only be able to understand it, but will be interested enough in it to keep reading. You do not have to (and in fact, should not) summarize every aspect of the article, but only those that are most important so that the major points of the article can be understood.
Let us assume that your audience is an intelligent layperson, such as someone who might pick up the New York Times or another good newspaper. Don’t assume that your reader has any specialized knowledge of your field. It may help to visualize someone you know that has not had any training in psychology (family members? friends?).

● To engage the reader, open with a strong hook so that they will want to continue reading your article.
● Use an appealing tone throughout the piece. How can this information be made more appetizing and exciting to someone who may not have a strong background in this field?
● Pay particular attention to vocabulary. Will your reader know the jargon or acronyms common in your field? Do you NEED to use that jargon or those acronyms, or can you find another way to say it that is still accurate?
● Remember that you do not have to summarize every bit of information in your article. What are the main points? Try to give the reader a good sense of the study that you are describing without drowning them in unnecessary detail.
● And above all, make sure that you are accurately representing the science! —