Social construction of disability
This activity requires you to view the world using the perspective of the social construction of disability. Before you begin, re-read the entire Wendell article.
The task is to describe something you observed that illustrates how disability is socially constructed in society. For this assignment, an “observation” can be something you saw, heard, or read. For internet or print sources, provide the full citation.
Describe what you observed and then briefly explain how your observation specifically illustrates one of the ways disability is socially constructed by society, as explained by Wendell. Wendell’s article lists (using specific words or phrases) ways that society socially constructs disability. You should explicitly state how your example matches one of the ways disability is social constructed, linking your example to an item on Wendell’s list. After explaining your example and linking it to one of Wendell’s points, identify a strategy to empower individuals whose disability is socially constructed in the way you described.
Discussion Requirements and Expectations:
Respond to each question and all information presented. Your initial post should be no less than 300 words in length, with two citations (No quotes… know the difference). While there is no maximum length limit, I expect you to make a direct and concise argument. Your initial post is due on Friday before midnight.
Citation and references list must be in APA 7 format.
You must post your initial response and reply to two (2) of your colleagues before midnight by the times indicated in the deliverables section for the current week in Blackboard. Each initial response must be no less than 300 words with two (2) citations (No quotes), and each colleague response should be no less than 175 words, with one citation (No quotes).