Tactical and strategic revenue generation deliverable
Tactical and strategic revenue generation deliverable
The final new addition to your work is a focus on how your proposed firm will initially make money and then continue to do so over time in the face of so many unknowns. At the heart of this deliverable, you need to be sure to address the following:
What are the potential sales strategies that could be employed and how would their approach and process into your business vision? What factors and aspects are most important for your business goals and why?
New technology in the creation, development, sales, delivery, deployment, usage, and sustainment can disrupt even the best-laid plans. What management processes are needed to make sure that such disruptions are good as opposed to bad new for your firm?
What are the key pricing and selling strategies that you might initially use and why? How might they change over time and what would force this change? What factors would drive the selection and change of these strategies and given what you know today which would you initially employ and why? (One must be aware of legal and ethical issues that could be issues if they not careful considered and the implementation not done most carefully.)
As your business grows are there changes that must be considered and why?
Are there any potential changes to your vision based on any new insights from this week’s work? If so, be sure to capture them so you can address them at the end of the course.
Once again, this deliverable should be consistent in style and format with the others you have produced and should be roughly eight to ten pages in length.