Advertisement Info graphic Analysis.
Instructions from the source.
You will create an Infographic using Canva to an external site. for your analysis of an advertisement. An infographic is a digital poster. The website has templates available for you, so please don’t stress about being a graphic designer, everything is already laid out for you, all you need to do is fill it in with images and text. The advertisement can be a commercial, a social media post, a billboard, a print advertisement, or another piece of marketing. To be an analysis, the infographic should explain the symbols used in the advertisement based on course readings from Unit 2 and provide suggestions for how the advertisement could better use symbols to identify with its target audience.
(*You don’t have to complete the whole thing just give me ideas with images and writing. I can try and put it together*)
This assignment is designed to introduce you to a visual infographic tool as a way to represent information and theory and to allow you to be creative in your analysis of an advertisement. The assignment also assesses your understanding of 2 rhetorical theories, their application to the advertisement, and how one theory can improve the advertisement. You may use any two theories and/or concepts below from Unit 2:
Symbolic action/Identification
Metaphor (include vehicle and tenor)
Dramatistic Life cycle (order, pollution, guilt, purification, redemption)
Purification includes (mortification, victimage, and transcendence)
Terministic Screens
Narrative theory
Visual rhetoric
Index, Icon, Symbol
Select any advertisement (video, print, digital, etc.).
Familiarize yourself with Canva to an external site. Be sure to save your projects so you can download the pdf for submission.
Locate symbols in the advertisement, describe the narrative the advertisement is telling, and evaluate who the advertisement is trying to identify with and how.
Use the infographic tool to visually display this information, use 2 rhetorical theories for your analysis, and propose a suggestion to improve the advertisement using one of those theories. You must include proper APA in-text citations. You are NOT required to submit a reference page for this assignment.
Your use of 2 rhetorical theories must be used to analyze the symbolic aspects of the advertisement.
YOU MUST suggest one way that rhetorical theory can improve the ad. Do not tell me how the ad could be improved by itself, you must include how one of your theories can improve it!!
You MUST use a minimum of 3 APA in-text citations from the academic course readings in the infographic analysis.
Main criteria:
Accurate and clear application of 2 rhetorical theories to the advertisement with 3 in-text citations from course readings.
Creative use of the infographic tool that analyzes the advertisement and proposes a way to improve it.
Upload your infographic as a pdf into the submission area below.
If you fail to use rhetorical theories from Unit 1, mentioned above, OR you cite a source to define and apply your rhetorical theory from outside of our class there will be an automatic 15% deduction from your overall grade for this assignment.
Citation Information:
For The Rhetorical Untextbook you must use the following in-text citation (Hallsby, 2022, para. #)
*para = paragraph, which you must count and provide the paragraph where you got the information you are citing.
The reference page citation for The Rhetorical Untextbook is
Hallsby, A. (2022) The untextbook of rhetorical theory. to an external site.
How to submit your Infographic via CANVA
CANVA is a simple download, all you have to do is click “download” and then click the dropdown arrow for download type and click “PDF PRINT” to get the best quality download. Then just upload the pdf to the assignment portal in Canvas.