Analyze nutritional intake for imbalances, inadequacies, and abundances, and recommend appropriate dietary changes.
In this final discussion post, demonstrate critical analysis and synthesis. This post is high-value and should be thorough, substantive, and reflective. Please complete the following:

Post 1: Dear Future Self

Write a letter to your future self (think 20+ years into the future) sharing information about what you have learned as a result of taking this course. Include the following:
What nutrition goals did you set for yourself during your nutrition course and why? Consider the overall goal and describe how this affects your meal planning, grocery shopping, restaurant eating, and eating on the run.
What barriers do you see to meeting these goals, and what steps can you suggest to your future self to stay on track with these goals?
After taking this class, how will you have changed your critical thinking behavior in seeking nutrition and health information? What resources do you recommend to find science-based evidence?
How will you choose (or who are you choosing) which influencers to follow/share for nutrition, fitness, and general health information?
Consider issues regarding nutrition that affects social justice for our diverse population. What policies do you hope have been implemented to address food insecurity and nutrition-related health disparities?
Overall course reflection:
One final reflection: What did you think you knew coming into the class, what do you now know as a result of taking this class, and what do you still need/want to know after taking this class? (And, is that something you can learn in NUTR-22 or by completing the certificate?)
Please describe your experience with this course. Consider how you were asked to participate actively through discussions based on guided learning from the reading assessed in Learn Smart and Checks and Exams.
Consider if the self-nutrient analysis met the student learning outcome of: “Analyze nutritional intake for imbalances, inadequacies, and abundances, and recommend appropriate dietary changes.”
Consider if the team project met the student learning outcome of: “Critically review the scientific literature to identify information and synthesize findings that are scientifically based.”
If you would change either of those assignments, what would be engaging and rewarding to do as an assignment to meet the outcome?
Update: Based on the preliminary feedback this semester, I have changed the team project to a micronutrient-based project that students can do alone (finding 2 resources vs the 1 that you had to find) for the summer. What do you think? Because now that I read your peer replies, it seems you see benefit in the team approach or at least the outcome. Worth it, or not worth it?
What do you think of doubling the point value of discussions and dropping two of the 75-point items (LearnSmart, Checks, Exam 1, Exam 2)? Students who found discussions took too long demonstrate learning through discussion and Exams and just complete what they can of LearnSmart and Checks (or skip them)? (My in-person students did not like that idea. You?)
If you have done something in another online class that created an engaging and effective learning environment, please share it here (and tell me who so I can learn from them).