Describe Strategic planning about the protection of animal right NGOs(especially PAWS NGO).
Research question could be: – what are the major issues or trends in the protection of animal right sector or industry (especially PAWS NGO) that should be considered when strategic planning? We should put this question as the last sentence of introduction part.
1- Introduction: explain the purpose of literature review,
-Why is it this literature review necessary ?State the research question,
-what do you want to know or find out?
-Provide the context, such as who involved or how extensive is the topic?
-we should conduct a literature review/ environmental scan of our strategic plan (protection of animal rights industry)
BodyDiscussion of findings,
-Integrate the findings for each topic category.
-Include a category “Opportunities and Threats and Trends”
-integrate the key points raised by all of the publications in one to three paragraphs.
-Identify agreement, differences and gaps.