Discuss the replacement of vulnerable sections of the current wall/fence infrastructure with modern wall components that incorporate anti-climbing and anti-tunneling systems with potential extensions of that structure to current high illegal traffic areas.
our Finished Paper is Due on Monday, July 3, 2023, by
11 PM
Students will
write a major paper on the future of U.S. Border Security based on past and
current events as well as Presidential strategic goals. This paper will count
for 50% of your course grade. The
paper will be submitted in two stages, a draft (counts for 5% of your grade)
and a final paper (counts for 45% of your grade). The final paper is due several
weeks BEFORE the semester
ends so plan accordingly.

From Lesson 4:
You will take one of
two possible positions:
The replacement of
vulnerable sections of the current wall/fence infrastructure with modern wall
components that incorporate anti-climbing and anti-tunneling systems with
potential extensions of that structure to current high illegal traffic areas.
Your paper must include images.
Your paper must cite at least 20
sources including those published by the government, by academics in peer reviewed
journals, and by research and policy organizations. DO NOT include
political briefing positions or public statements made by politicians.
This must be a fully complete paper
presented in Chicago Manual of Style. The syllabus provides clear
guidance on font, margins, spacing, etc. DO NOT USE the auto formatting
functions of Microsoft Word for references, footnotes, etc. It is
incorrect and your grade will suffer accordingly. Personally, I always
individually type out every footnote and every bibliography entry for every
paper or book I write.
Ensure that you follow the guidance in
the syllabus exactly.
I will take each final paper and grade
it. You will see your grade entered into the grade center. The
complete paper is counted as 45% of your overall grade. I do use a rubric
when I grade papers. If you use the rubric as an additional guide when
writing your paper you will get a better grade.
Finally, I will strip your paper of
personal identifying information and randomly share it with another student.
That student will then take a copy of the rubric and perform their own analysis
of the anonymous paper. That Peer Review counts for 10% of the reviewer’s
grade and is intended to measure their ability to critically read and
critically write and provide effective feedback. The original author of
the paper WILL NOT see the Peer Review feedback as that is entirely for my own
purposes of assessing student performance. I WILL NOT take into
consideration any of the Peer Review comments when I’m grading your
paper. In fact, I’ll have your papers graded and your grades entered in
the grade center before I distribute papers for Peer Review.
I would offer the following
recommendation. At the end of every chapter of the text book is an
extensive list of references. These might come in handy when you are
looking for materials to support the position that you take on this assignment.

This paper will constitute 50% of your
The draft paper will be graded on a
100-point scale and will be weighted 5% of the overall grade.
Due: Monday 6/19/2023 by 11 PM
The final paper will be graded on a
100-point scale and will be weighted at 45% of your overall grade.
Due: Monday 7/03/2023 by 11 PM
Depending on the number of students enrolled
in the course each student will receive one or two peer papers to review and
evaluate by a standard grading rubric. The completed rubric(s) will
be submitted to the professor for evaluation of student critical reading and
writing skills.
Due: Thursday, 7/13/2023 by 11

Writing Guidelines
Guidelines for the final paper are
presented in more detail during the course. Specifics as to length,
topic, organization, etc. will be provided.
Formal academic writing uses standardized
styles and citation formats. The preferred format is the CHICAGO style.
The Chicago Style guide can be found
at http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.orgLinks to
an external site.
Your paper should have
1-inch margins all around.
Use Times New Roman,
12-point font.
Double space the content
of the paper.
Cite your references in
EVERY instance.
Use Footnotes for
Include a properly
formatted reference list.
Include a formal cover
NO Header information on
any page.
Page numbering is bottom
– centered – Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Do NOT trustthe CMS formatting included within the Microsoft WORD
software. It isn’t correct and won’t comport with the requirements
of the associated manual. If you have questions about formats, go to
the local library, reference section, and look at the actual manual.
Every writing assignment should be
submitted as a WORD or PDF document. Do NOT submit writing assignments in Word
Perfect, Microsoft Works, or some e-mail format. They will not be accepted.

Paper Guidelines
You will submit a draft of your paper
during Lesson 7. A draft paper is just that, a draft. It should
include a formal outline; the introduction should be essentially complete along
with your literature review. The reference section should also be
well along and properly formatted. The draft must adhere to the
above writing guidelines.
I will review your draft and return it
to you with plenty of time to incorporate any recommendations into the final
The final paper will be turned in
during Lesson 9. This must be a complete paper, fully in accordance with
the required writing guidelines listed above and specific instructions provided
throughout the course. Late papers will not be accepted. Papers may
be submitted ahead of time.
Do not include any personal
identifiers on any portion of the paper except the cover page. Your paper will be shared with another student
for their peer review and must be clean of anything that could identify you to
the other student.
The paper is to be completed by
individual students. No joint student papers are acceptable for this

There will be no extensions.

While I do not enforce a strict policy
on grammar, I do reserve the right to stop reading your paper if spelling
errors, sentence construction, or grammar is below the minimum expected for a
graduate course. If I stop reading a particular paper or discussion thread you
have written, for reasons listed above, the paper or discussion thread will
receive a failing grade.