Elected vs. Appointed Officials
Elected vs. Appointed Officials

Directions: This assignment will be divided into two parts. You will identify an elected official and an
appointed official in your area. As an example, you may choose the mayor of your city and an appointed
position would be the city manager. Finally, you will synthesize the information by using the literature to
support your claims. You should list all references used at the end of each part as well as, in-text citations when needed. All citations must be in APA format.

Part One – List an individual, their position held, and explain the role of that person plays in
policy making.
Elected Official:
Appointed Official:

Part Two – In 250-500 words, discuss the similarities in the policy making process of the roles
listed above. Compare the elected and appointed official. Consider how each gain the position, the role of each, and how they can affect policy.
Use two to three scholarly resources to support your explanations