Interview Project requirements:

Interview a first- generation (born outside the U.S.), adult member of an immigrant group, then choose one or two aspects of their native culture to research (you may also research any changes that your interviewee’s native cultural practices have undergone in the U.S.).

Part 1: 15 questions and responses. Create questions and record the responses of your interviewee. Make sure that at least 5 questions focus on some aspect of their lives in their native homeland and 5 about how their lives have changed since they immigrated. The last 5 may be of your choosing but must focus on some part of their immigrant experience. Submit your questions and your interviewee’s responses.

***The subject of your interview must be at least 18 years old. Make sure you have your subject’s permission to share their responses. Do not include private/personal information such as their address, phone number, or anything they may specifically ask you to exclude.

Part 2: Essay: 2 -3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font (600 words minimum), in your own words. Pick one or two aspects of your interviewee immigrant group’s native culture (or elements connected to/that influence that culture) i.e. religious practices, food/recipes, music, holidays/celebrations, social behavior, the political culture and, or, the economic development of their country of origin, etc. and research it/them. Discuss what you have learned in your research, including how it, their view or if it, or their group’s relationship with it, have changed since their arrival in the U.S.. Your Essay may include but cannot be limited to information you have received from your subject/interviewee i.e. you must complete some research for the second part of your paper.

Remember, as Part 2 of the Project is based in part on research, you will need to cite any quotes or paraphrases that you use. Any information that is not cited, must be in your own words. Up to 25% of Part 2 of the Project can consist of cited quotes and, or, cited paraphrases.

A link to the Project Sample/Example is included below. It can also be found in the Module titled Sample Paper, Project, and Chicano Style Format. Make sure that you pay attention to the first and second comments.