Implementation of TeamSTEPPS in organizations
You are the chairperson of the nursing practice committee within the Magnet nursing structure at your organization. The committee is advocating for the implementation of TeamSTEPPS at your organization. You will be giving a presentation to the nursing leadership council that includes a discussion about the cost benefit/cost effectiveness/cost utility of implementing this program. Your committee created the following details of the planned initiative:
Your health system includes a three-hospital community system. There are a total of 900 RNs and 200 nursing assistants/orderlies in the Nursing Department. The annual salary of a staff nurse is $62,400. The annual salary for a certified nursing assistant/orderly is $29,120. There are a total of 25 nursing units across all three hospital campuses. You will be using an outside expert to complete the initial training at the cost of $100 per hour. You will plan to have this expert conduct Master Trainer classes for the 20 Magnet Nursing Council members so that you can implement a “train the trainer” model. The expert trainer charges 5 hours for preparation to work with the client and plan the training schedule. The trainer will be traveling to your site and charges $500 per day for travel days which includes all travel expenses. Your organization has large meeting rooms at each campus that can be scheduled free of charge to employee groups. However, there is a $7 per meal per person fee for any food and drinks scheduled to be provided by the dining service. You want to capture the time and effort of the Senior Leadership for their attendance which would be an average of $120 per hour. You plan to complete the training over 120 days and then plan to schedule the expert to return monthly for one 6-hour day to observe, coach, and provide additional training as may be needed.
Your research leads you to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the national organization that provides the resources organizations need to consider TeamSTEPPS.
You download the free PowerPoint at TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 Leadership Briefing and note that the PowerPoint must be customized for your organization by including the financial proposal on Slides 13 and 14.
Use the scenario details above to complete the financial proposal. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation using a maximum of 10 slides selected from the AHRQ TeamSTEPPS template slide deck, including Slides 13 and 14. In addition, include a cover slide and reference slide. You should include at least two peer-reviewed references from professional journals and format them using APA style. Be sure to review these PowerPoint slides for helpful tips when completing this assignment.