Write a Research Paper on Research Methods in Social Sciences.
The first paragraph should introduce your topic and define any relevant terms. You may also give a brief explanation of the theory or conceptual area behind this topic.
Subsequent paragraphs should be your literature review (a minimum of FIVE peer-reviewed articles). Organize previous research from broader discussion (general topic) to more narrow findings (specific experiments that are similar to yours) to give added background on your topic. You should state not only what other researchers have found, but discuss their method and conclusions as well. These studies should connect to your own research design ideas.
The last paragraph should contain the purpose of your study, your hypotheses (both alternate and null), and some statement about why this type of research is important to perform.
This section is a detailed account of the research design. You should first discuss your design and why you chose it over other possibilities.
Describe the participants in your study and who your population of interest would be. Also mention informed consent and how you would protect participants’ anonymity.
Make sure to identify all variables, including levels of the independent variable and dependent variable. Describe how you would manipulate the independent variable and how you would measure the dependent variable. If you intend to use a survey or ask questions, add some example questions from your survey and describe how you would measure them (list any scales you use).
Describe the procedure you would use in your experiment and data collection. Be as detailed as possible, so I would know exactly how to replicate your study if I wanted to do.
Discuss which statistical tests you would use to analyze your data (you do not run the data here or list the results; you only state which tests you would use and why). Mention how variables would be coded within SPSS.
Identify and discuss limitations to your design. What makes it strong? What makes it weak?
Why should this research be performed? Why is it important? Why is it relevant in today’s world?
Title Page and References Page