Ancient Roman epic poetry
Students will complete a cumulative final exam in this course. This exam will be a combination of 25 multiple choice/true-false questions, four short essay questions, and one question asking you to reflect on the course readings. This exam is worth 100 points and is very important: this is your opportunity to show me what you’ve learned in class. It is open-book but timed.
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Any writer/literary work and course material covered in the course modules is fair game for the final exam. This means you are expected to know:

what the author wrote (as assigned in class)
what their writing is about
what makes it significant
its relationship to the literary trends and historical context of the day.
You should also be able to explain these literary trends/movements:

Native American creation myths
Ancient Indian fables
Ancient Roman epic poetry
British Romanticism
American Dark Romanticism
Mid-20th c. children’s literature
20th century animal and nature poetry
Animal welfare literature
Other useful terms/things to know for the exam are:

Human-Animal transformation trope
the trope of “animal as observer”
the sublime
free verse
changing cultural and historical depictions of animals from the ancient world to the present-day (particularly the transition from pre-industrial to post-industrial to the present-day)
vivisection and animal testing
Modernism & Harlem Renaissance
new sincerity