Challenge or support the position that managers and organizations need to develop GVT competencies to facilitate performance
Read MBA Sean’s blog on GVTs (accessed Dec, 2020)
MBA Sean’s review (2015) concludes that:
‘The leadership qualities required are the same for traditional teams as for global virtual teams. The significant difference is that possibility of failure or poor performance of virtual teams is exponentially higher due to the language culture, geographical location and time differences’.
MBA Sean’s blog suggests that the GVT leadership competencies for virtual teams are the same as traditional teams. Interestingly, his review blog affords little attention to intercultural and interpersonal communication competences.
Based on your GVT experience and independent research, write an essay either challenging or supporting the position that managers and organisations need to develop GVT competencies to facilitate performance.
Your essay should define GVT competencies, context and challenges along with discussion of how these competencies might be developed and be evidenced for individuals and organisations.