Contributing an annotated Theatre Designer’s Quote
Instructions for Contributing an annotated Theatre Designer’s Quote:

Search online or in a print publication for a quote from a set, costume, lighting, sound or video designer about designing in their specific area for live theatre. Do not choose a designer who works in a recorded medium such as film. Do not choose a general fashion designer. Discover as much as possible about designing for the theatre in one of these areas.

Look for a quote that addresses one or more of the following:

the obstacles a designer must overcome

inspirations for designers to persevere in their pursuit of their area of theatrical art

descriptions of a facet or overall view of the designer’s art within a theatrical production

advice on the craft of design for the theatre

reflections on what a designer contributes to theatre and/or the audience

Remember to include your name, the name of the set, costume or lighting designer (choose one) you are quoting and the contribution to and/or experience this designer has in live theatre created for the stage.