How can understanding situational analysis help you become a more effective leader?
Utilizing the Situational Analysis Model (page 84 of your book), compose a discussion board post that describes a change you are currently experiencing or will be experiencing to describe your: Intention; Culture; Action; System.
How can understanding situational analysis help you become a more effective leader?

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Classmate 1 (Sarah Mensah-Taylor)-Situational analysis as the name implies refers to how to respond to an experience or a situation in an organization. Metcalf, M (2013), identified 4 situational analysis models. They are Self, Action, Culture, and System.
Situation: Handling troubled employees:
At the beginning of April 2023, two new additions (employees) were added to our staff: Chelsea and Aima. Both employees share the same workspace and are supposed to work together at the front office to assist clients and employees with daily their activities. Chelsea is the easygoing type and is willing to learn everything, Aima is the opposite of Chelsea. She is reserved and wants to be told what to do every time. She has become jealous of Chelsea because Chelsea has learned very quickly, and she happens to know more than Aima. This has brought about serious contention between the two. These two fights over everything and the least chance they have. This situation was blown up and has reached the management of the company. I have been tasked by management to investigate and solve the issue. Therefore, I am thankful for this course because the model tools in the textbook will help me bring peace between the two employees and the company in general.
Intention: I feel sad that two adults could behave like this towards each other and ashamed that the situation had gone up to the management. However, these two employees are great people, and I have gotten to know them well despite their weaknesses. I am kind of nervous because I do not want to take sides in this situation, I want to sit with them and have a conversation as grown-ups and come out with solutions to the root cause of the problem. I fear that it could blow up in my face because it looks like tempers are still high.
Action: I have scheduled a meeting with Chelsea and Aima this Friday (5/26/2023) in the conference room. At the beginning of the meeting, I will discuss the format of the conversation, which is to allow each of them to talk without interruption. After saying what is on their mind, I will give each of them a piece of paper to write down what can be done to solve the problem and bring peace to the workplace. Finally, I will ask them what is important to them and the reason they come to work every day.
Culture: The culture in our company is to put the patient/client first in everything we do. Communication is an essential part of achieving this because of the number and diversity of our clients. Each employee is expected to document and communicate with each other at every step of the process of providing healthcare for clients. Every employee goes through cultural training during orientation and so I will reiterate our values and communication and will ask Chelsea and Aima how they want to help move the company forward through their communication skills. I am going into this meeting with an open mind and will encourage the two new employees to open up and come up with a serious solution to bring peace.
System: I will take these two employees through the company’s organizational hierarchy and let them know what is in store for them if they work together. I will reiterate the support of management to all employees in achieving their goals and will advise them to put their differences aside and consider why they come to work every day which is to earn wages to support their families.
Understanding the situational analysis model will help me to be an effective leader because the four integral models identified by Metcalf, M (2013) touch on important aspects of how to handle an experience or a situation and it allows me to identify with the situation and the people involved, accept that situations happened and the need to solve it. The model also helps employees to know what and how to solve their situations both at home and work and it also helps bring all participants on board in analyzing a situation.
In conclusion, I am hopeful that adopting the 4 models of situational analysis will go a long way to settle any dispute between the two employees and finally bring some peace to the workplace.

Classmate 2 (Monica Brown)-
Situational analysis is a great tool for any leader. This tool helps a leader interested in department or organizational wide change have a basic understanding of the environment that they will ultimately have to deliver the news of change to (IAEA, 2019).
My employer has decided to make all medical professionals that are working at or covering games at a local high school complete a new training before the end of the school year.
Intention: I am excited to have my coworkers experience this new learning but I am afraid of how they will react to the news of the mandatory training.
Culture: We as a department and a profession take continuing education as a priority and required to perform so many hours to keep our licenses’. We know that extra education will help grow our knowledge and discover advancements in our careers. Unfortunately, not everyone of us has an easy time to find time for extra training.
Action: While walking into the meeting I will make sure it is a calm environment. Taking a deep breath, I will greet everyone and talk about the purpose of the meeting. While introducing the new training I will explain its purpose and why it is important to have all of our healthcare workers complete it before working at the secondary schools. After announcing the new training and explaining its purpose I will ask my coworkers if there are any questions and or concerns before thanking them and letting them get on with their day.
System: Due to our wide range of locations our athletic trainers and physicians hold the meeting will be on Zoom. I will be leading the meeting from my well-lit and quite office to make sure everyone can hear and see me. Everyone will have their cameras on and microphones muted until it is time to discuss the new training. I will enter the video chat 10 minutes early to make sure I greet everyone and all other healthcare providers will be let in as they sign in.
Using the situational analysis will help me become a more confident and effective leader. This tool will help me draw/write out a plan of how my meeting might go along with my feelings and goals. This is beneficial to help me make sure I am prepared and ready for the announcement to my peers. Keeping me more calm and ready for any issues.
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Metcalf, M (2013). Innocovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations. Integral Publishers: Tuscon, AZ
Be sure to utilize APA formatting for your posting and references.
Read- Chapter 2-4 of Metcalf, M (2013). Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations. Integral Publishers: Tuscon,