How does a logic model work?
Case Study # 1
In a large urban area in New England, there is an increasing awareness that high school students are misusing over-the-counter medication at an alarming rate. The community coalition funded through the city’s community health center has recently received a grant to develop a prevention program. The grant specifies that the interventions must be evidence based and data driven. (Learning Objective: 6)
Use the following logic model template to guide program planning:

Consequences and Consumption Patterns
Risk and Protective Factors

At what level should the intervention be directed and why?
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Case Study # 2
The community health nurses are reviewing the status of current national health plans providing health promotion and disease prevention at the population level. The nurses are trying to identify ways to implement changes in their community that could lead to the potential to create significant change in the health status of their community. (Learning Objectives: 5, 7)
The community health nurses are using a logic model in planning a community-wide health promotion program. How does a logic model work?
What factors do the community health nurses need to consider in analysis of the current health status of the community?
When should community leaders be involved in the development of the health promotion program?
The group is considering opening a nurse-managed health center for the health promotion program. What groups in the community are best served by nurse-managed health centers?