Role of the brain
The role of the brain in behavior is quite complex. Each area of the brain has a specific role, and damage to the areas will produce different effects on behavior. The same goes for the spinal cord.

Imagine you work for a high school, and one of the students was recently in a car accident and suffered injuries to their nervous system. You have been asked to present to the student’s classmates about the injury and how the individual’s behavior may be different because of it.

Select 2 areas of the central nervous system to focus on for this assignment and research what happens when these areas are damaged.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present to the high school students in which you:
Identify the areas of the central nervous system that were damaged.
Describe the function of the damaged areas of the central nervous system and the extent of the damage.
Explain possible changes in behavior that may result from the damage with concrete examples.
Explain possible impacts on learning or memory.

Include detailed speaker notes.

Include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.