Attributes of God
Ensure the following points are addressed:
Explain who God is.
Explain how you know this is true (e.g., including relevant biblical support and support from the Grudem and/or Tennent texts).
Describe the attributes of God.
Be sure to include comments about the Trinity, God’s character, and God’s actions.
Use at least two scholarly sources that support the points you are making.
Note that the list above is not an outline for the paper, but a list of concepts and ideas that should be addressed. Choose a structure for your paper that is logical and clear.
As noted, include at least two scholarly sources that support your writing. This normally means you should find two recent sources (i.e., five years old or more recent) that are truly academic, such as academic journals, college-level texts, etc.
Apply Turabian form using the notes-bibliography style which is described in your Turabian handbook (A Manual for Writers by Kate Turabian et. al., 9th edition).