Briefly describe the major technology-related threats, risks, and challenges to protecting data.
In a minimum of eight (8) pages, written in APA 7th Edition format, with no less than twelve (12) peer-reviewed, scholarly sources from the United States, published within the past five (5) years, complete the research paper as per the instructions below. The paper must include a Cover Page and References Page, not included in the total page count.

This paper focuses on the stakeholders in public
sector information management—who are they, what are their roles and impacts,
and why is each important to me as a public servant or citizen?

It consists of 3 parts (below) plus an introduction
and references sections. To make it easier for readers to follow your
thinking, please discuss the topics in the order presented below, with
appropriate heading.

Part 1:
Ethical/Legal Issues and Challenges:
From your
perspective what are the major ethical and legal challenges and risks for abuse
that we must keep top of mind in the collection, management, and use of
information and technologies overall—and in the public arena
Suggest guidelines
to help prevent unethical uses of data in general and especially in the public

Part 2: Technology-related
Threats and Challenges, e.g., Cybersecurity:
Briefly describe
the major technology-related threats, risks, and challenges to protecting data.
What are the major threats and risks?
“dark web” is big business.

What is the “dark
What threats does it pose to your personal/family
use and/or your organization’s use of technology and information?

do we minimize the risks you discussed above? E.g., what are some
best/next cybersecurity practices for protecting information and
technology assets?

Part 3: Biblical Principles:
Which Biblical
principles can help inform and shape your collection, management, and ethical use
of information and technologies?
Make this
knowledge personal and actionable–how will you and how will you help those
around you:
the misuse or abuse of information and
use information and technology for the benefits of all?
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Part 4: Summary
What are the key takeaways of importance or value to you?